• Build up your custom licence and permit templates, set up your custom tender forms and evaluation scoring
    Licences, permits and user data all in one place, all in real-time
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  • Manage all recreational activities, visitors and locations like campsites, bike-trails and lettings
    All recreational activities
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  • Set up your spatial layers and the connection between them and the activities available on the areas
    Ultra-flexible spatial layer management, ultra-easy data analysis and reporting
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You can manage only what you measure

Sustainable conservation cannot exist without the collection and monitoring of accurate data. HAMS.online has been built around the fundaments of adaptive wildlife management and provides all the necessary tools and features to record, report, track and monitor everything that professional habitat and wildlife management requires.
We must do the right thing to protect our nature and to manage the species we live together with.

Benefits of using HAMS.online

HAMS.online is a fully customisable enterprise resource planner with an integrated document management system, workflow management system, a CRM and a webshop. All designed for land and widlife management and conservation. Furthermore, with our inhouse, dedicated development team we can react to any custom requests.

The benefits of using HAMS.online is reduced administration time & costs, less paper use, more organised information access and sharing up to country level.
Features include:
  • Enterprise level area management including unlimited spatial layer management
  • Enterprise level staff management
  • Activity management
  • Custom contract (licence, permit) template builder for licence and permit management
  • Insurance and certificate management
  • Licence and permit management
  • Tender or agreement form builder
  • Evaluation and scoring of bids
  • Tendering and bidding workflow management
  • Inbuilt messaging and notification system
  • Audit features
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Recreational activity management including price management
  • Online webshop and cart functionality for recreational licence and permit sales
  • Invoicing and online payment
  • Free advertisement of lettings for tenders in the HAMS ecosystem
  • VIP customer service and trainings
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HAMS.online automates, improves and streamlines your management processes ranging from managing access to areas to licence and permit purchase. The enterprise feature set is for all kinds of activities including the management of camping locations, firewood sales, logging, hiking, beekeeping, and much more.

Reduce administrative time & costs, reduce the need for paper, streamline workflows, better organise your information access and sharing.


Build up your custom licence and permit templates, set up your custom tender forms and evaluation scoring. HAMS.online autofills them based on tender awards and other online purchases made through your webshop.


Set up your spatial layers and the connection between them and HAMS.online will give you an easy to use platform to see what parts of your lands and forests are in use and licenced. Easily set up tenders.

Staff and Data Access Management

Manage what data and information your staff and employees have access to. Enterprise admins, forest managers, game managers access information and features they need for their work.


Manage the online presence of your recreational locations, your lakes, properties, playgrounds, parks and recreational activities such as bike-trails, campsites by using our recreational access management features and set up your webshop.


Notification system for managing expiring licences, permits & insurances. Internal messaging and auditing features to record and track communication and changes in tender forms, licences, etc.

Online store, payment and invoicing

Set up your activities, and publish them in your dedicated webshop. Connect your activities with your licence and permit templates, set up your pricing and HAMS.online will handle the payment and invoicing process.

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Managing large forestries, national parks or safaris on a country level is a complex, resource extensive problem. We understand these problems and provide a flexible, customisable solution.

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Security and data protection policy

As deer managers and software developers we know and understand the importance of security. We have been designing and developing custom built, high-security software for over 20 years. HAMS is fully GDPR compliant. What rights our users have and how we manage and store personal data are all in our Terms and Conditions.

Security by Design

From a technical point of view the two major methodologies we use are “Security by design” and Test Driven Development. Both require detailed planning and testing of the software code at the highest level. These are essential for protecting all the data stored in HAMS.

Personal data protection

We personally use HAMS.online so we are also protecting our data as well. Personal information (names, phone numbers, contact details) are only visible when necessary: for instance, when you apply for an offer and when you are a member of a club or an estate. It’s important to note, you have the right not to add any contact information you choose not to.

No public data listing and search

We understand that hunting can be a sensitive subject and therefore our system does not provide any search function for finding HAMS users. It is impossible for someone to register or filter out any kind of user list. No one can look for or search for you to see your harvest records or your personal data.

You control your data

You have the right not to provide any personal data. Though, as you can understand, there are cases where it is necessary for communication.

About HAMS.online
  • HAMS.online is built and maintained by Bit and Pixel Kft which has more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of custom built, high security systems and over twenty years of hunting and gamekeeping experience.
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