• Manage your deer and game management activities, organise your team and guests
    Reservation, check-in, reporting & observations
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  • Access and store all your management data in one place
    Access your lands, manage your licences and permits
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  • Connect trail cams to learn more about your animal populations
    Trail cam management
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Enjoy all the features of HAMS.online, whether you're looking for a land to lease or a job.

Features overview

A personal subscription gives you access to our worldwide marketplace, rural job opportunities, and much more. You can even tailor your settings so you receive custom notifications about last minute event cancellations.

Land lease opportunities

Browse the available land lease tender database and apply for the best deals.

Trail cam management

HAMS stores and handles all your pictures sent by your trail cams, all saved in one secure place.

Check in management

Easily manage reservations, check-ins and reports.

Club membership management

Manage all your club accounts, checkins and reports in one place.


Check the occupancy of facilities and zones with our satellite view maps. Manage all your lettings from one app.


Take advantage of last minute event cancellations.

Picture gallery

Store all your photos and memories in one place so you can browse and relive your best memories whenever, wherever.


Share your best moments with your club members!

How to use HAMS.online in action

Watch our short movie of HAMS in action on the land. Check in, reporting and check out takes less than a minute.

Features designed for deer and game managers

Enjoy all the benefits of HAMS.online with a personal subscription. Be a member of multiple syndicates, clubs or estates and manage all your deer and game management activities in one convenient platform. Download our Android or iOS app, or use HAMS.online on your computer.
You have leased land? No problem! You are just one click away to set up an estate account in HAMS.online.
  • Direct access to your licences and permits of enterprises using HAMS
  • Manage all your club and estate memberships in one place
  • Access to tender listings
  • The ultimate reservation, check-in & checkout solution
  • Easy access to estate registration and setup
  • Land occupancy view
  • Online and offline reporting of observations & sightings
  • Route tracking
  • Trailcam integration
  • Species recognition and notification with integrated trailcams
  • Service log for land and game managers
  • Image gallery
  • Personal stats
  • Weather information
  • Android & iOS compatible apps
  • Mobile app and browser mode versions
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Enjoy all the features of HAMS.online, whether you're looking for a land to lease or a job.


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Security and data protection policy

As deer managers and software developers we know and understand the importance of security. We have been designing and developing custom built, high-security software for over 20 years. HAMS is fully GDPR compliant. What rights our users have and how we manage and store personal data are all in our Terms and Conditions.

Security by Design

From a technical point of view the two major methodologies we use are “Security by design” and Test Driven Development. Both require detailed planning and testing of the software code at the highest level. These are essential for protecting all the data stored in HAMS.

Personal data protection

We personally use HAMS.online so we are also protecting our data as well. Personal information (names, phone numbers, contact details) are only visible when necessary: for instance, when you apply for an offer and when you are a member of a club or an estate. It’s important to note, you have the right not to add any contact information you choose not to.

No public data listing and search

We understand that hunting can be a sensitive subject and therefore our system does not provide any search function for finding HAMS users. It is impossible for someone to register or filter out any kind of user list. No one can look for or search for you to see your harvest records or your personal data.

You control your data

You have the right not to provide any personal data. Though, as you can understand, there are cases where it is necessary for communication.

About HAMS.online
  • HAMS.online is built and maintained by Bit and Pixel Kft which has more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of custom built, high security systems and over twenty years of hunting and gamekeeping experience.
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  • - If you are familiar with wildlife management, gamekeeping
  • - and if you are interested in the representation of HAMS in your country or on regional level, please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

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